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United Way-SJC hosts Inaugural Campout for a Cause

United Way of St. Johns County’s Campout for a Cause is more than just pitching a tent for the residents of St. Johns Golf and Country Club. Partnering with United Way-SJC, residents hope to build awareness of the housing crisis facing families in St. Johns County. Held April 14-15, this inaugural fun, while fundraising event brought together families for the simple enjoyment of sleeping bags, s'mores, watching a movie under the stars, and waking up to yoga with donuts.

Coordinated by United Way-SJC, the creative event focuses on the challenge of affordable housing facing many St. Johns County families. With nearly one-third of county residents living paycheck to paycheck, according the United Way ALICE report (Asset Limited, Income-Constrained, Employed), and spiraling housing costs, this is an ever-growing concern.

Supporting United Way-SJC in this message along with St. Johns Golf and Country Club and its residents, are local businesses. Donating fire pits and popcorn machines, Cronin Ace Hardware, quickly signed on to participate, as did Dunkin Donuts, Domino’s Pizza and Florida Yoga and Paddle. 

“In St. Johns County, we are known for comfortable homes and plentiful food for our families, but sadly, affordable housing and homelessness are real challenges,” said Melissa Nelson, United Way-SJC President/CEO. “This event was conceived to put a spotlight on this community issue. The families that are camping are doing so because they can, not because they have to, but more importantly, because they care.”