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National Volunteer Week - Dick Talbert

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Dick Talbert

Tell us how you first got involved with United Way of St. Johns County.

My involvement with United Way was because Mr. Charles Ellis sponsored me, a wonderful caring man. 

Tell us about a positive experience you’ve had as an UW-SJC volunteer. 

The positive experiences began when my first assigned task was serving on the allocation team and meeting many wonderful folks working in the various agencies.

When you aren’t volunteering, what can we find you doing?

Working at Flagler Hospital, Bayview (Samantha Wilson, Buckingham Smith & The Pavillion Assisted Care Centers) and my church ministry at Anastasia Baptist Church.

What accomplishment are you most proud of?

Being married to my beautiful wife June. We have been married for 60 years (6 children & 15 grandchildren).

What is your favorite quote?

Trust in the Lord; Be kind to others and humble in my accomplishments. ~Unknown