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Financial Stability

Our Focus: Reduce poverty by promoting financial stability and independence.

The whole community benefits when more working individuals and families are able to stop walking a financial tightrope and get on solid ground. That’s why we focus on lasting solutions because those that are financially stable are more likely to have access to quality health care, provide a good education for their children, and contribute to their local economies.

Personal financial management skills are at the very core of healthy families, productive employees and communities. A basic understanding of money and credit – and how they work in today’s society, is crucial to functioning in the main-stream and a person’s ability to build wealth and eventually increasing an individual’s stake in the health and wealth of their community – our community.

Our Goal: United Way Worldwide has initiated an ambitious 10-year plan to cut in half the number of lower-income families who are financially unstable. With your help, we believe that by 2018 we can help 1.9 million working families get on the road to economic independence. We invite you to advocate, or to volunteer - only by working together can we build a strong community where people are able to earn a livable wage, and manage their assets and debt.