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2nd Annual Women United Luncheon Grants Awarded

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

We were honored to present grants from donations received from our 2nd Annual Women United Luncheon. Our two recipients were Good Samaritan Health Centers, Wildflower Clinic and Healthy Families St. Johns, Children's Home Society Northeast Florida Division.

Women United works to unite influential women, from our beaches to our boardrooms, from academia to the arts. We embrace the opportunity to come alongside women in our community, supporting further education needs of both women and children, allowing this generation and the next to successfully reach their full potential. We focus on those who meet the definition of ALICE (Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed). In St. Johns County, one in three households fall within the parameters of ALICE.

Pictured: Kelly Green - UWSJC Board Member, Victoria Long - UWSJC Resource Development Director, Lisa Chismark - Good Samaritan Wildflower Clinic Board Member, Richard Zicht - Director of Healthy Families of Children’s Home Society and Melissa Nelson - UWSJC Executive Director


Recipient information:

Good Samaritan Health Centers, Wildflower Clinic

This 501(c)3 provides free medical/dental care to uninsured, low-income adults in St. Johns County. This Grant will reach women through health screenings (including breast exams, pap smears, pelvic exams and mammograms), dental hygiene supplies and health education. Underserved women will have access to health screens and hygiene tools needed to ensure a healthier smile, body, and lifestyle. These supplies paired with education, will reach beyond each individual patient visit extending to families. It will spread the importance of women's health to their mothers, daughters, sisters and friends.  

Healthy Families St. Johns, Children’s Home Society Northeast Florida Division

For over 10 years, Healthy Families St. Johns has been serving over 120 local mothers and families annually. This Grant will fund a new program within Healthy Families St. Johns. Known as the Women United for Success Fund, this program offers financial assistance for costs associated with gaining employment, returning to school, or attaining certification in a specialized field, and will allow many moms to overcome financial hurdles that create a barrier to their future success.